Since its inception in 2008, Civil Support has grown to a company that now has a strong core of engineering staff.

Civil Support Pty Ltd is a Rockhampton based engineering consultancy engaged in delivering civil engineering and project management consultancy services as they relate to the planning, design and delivery of civil infrastructure projects, with a particular focus on roads and transport infrastructure. Our company is prequalified on Local Buy Engineering Consultancy Services (BUS 226-0212); Project Management Consultancy Services (BUS 254-1215); as well as the Transport and Main Roads Major Infrastructure Projects standing offer arrangement (SOA) for the provision of Contract Administration Services, (MIP 118/11).

Our Company operates within a quality assured environment. We maintain a third party accredited ISO 9001 Quality Management System together with both Work Health and Safety and Environmental Management Systems. Civil Support employs reputable professionals committed to partnering with a wide range of private and public sector clients to provide strong leadership and support in the civil engineering and project management fields. We offer these staff within a range of contract arrangements tailored to provide best for client outcomes. We offer our clients a range of serviced including but not limited to:

Civil Support has, since its inception in 2008, grown to a company that now has 5 full time engineering professionals, of which 3 are RPEQ certified, and a strong team of technical staff and specialist sub-consultants supporting our engineering staff.

Civil Support is investing in the growth in the operations in Central Queensland. Demand for our resources is growing and we foresee a continuation and expansion of our presence in the Central Queensland Region. Our focus however remains on employing people who are able to provide high levels of services in our speciality field, the contract administration and project management of all phases of civil infrastructure projects.


Superintendence of the Construction of the Yeppen South, Bruce Highway Flood Proofing Project

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BEng (Civil), RPEQ, MAIPM, MIEAust, NER(Civil)

Mark is the founder and sole Director of Civil Support Pty Ltd. Mark has over 32 years’ experience in the direct supervision and project management of civil infrastructure projects gained through his career with the Queensland Department of Main Roads, Ergon Energy, Cardno Consulting Engineers, and now as the director of Civil Support Pty Ltd.

Mark began his career as a construction supervisor and contracts inspector on a wide range of road and bridge construction projects prior to undertaking his engineering degree as a mature aged student. As an engineer, Mark has worked in various senior engineering roles responsible for the planning, design, delivery and maintenance of transport and civil infrastructure projects. Mark has also worked as a senior project manager for Ergon Energy delivering infrastructure for high voltage electricity transmission and distribution.

Mark has a depth of experience in project management, contract administration and alliance contracting. He has been the Project Manager for several successful Alliance and Partnered contracts between Public and Private sector contractors and Superintendent for the Contract on a number of significant transport infrastructure projects in Central Queensland.

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